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  • Product name:2Cr13 martensitic stainless steel
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  • Release time:2014-10-28
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Product details

The genus 2Cr13 martensitic stainless steel, magnetic, good hardness, welding to preheat. And Q235 welding of austenitic stainless steel electrode without preheating, such as A302.A307.

Welding control of weld dilution rate, welding does not swing, uses small current.

3 good plasticity: A102, A107, A202, A207, A302, A307, welding preheating, thick bulky preheating.

Said method

According to the regulations of GB/T "grades of steel products, said method", said by the Chinese phonetic alphabet, chemical element symbols and Arabia digital combination. Content: a Arabia digital generally used in the grades of the head represents the average carbon content (to a few dollars per thousand); the average carbon content of less than 1/1000 of the "0"; the carbon content of not more than 0.03% "00". The content of alloy elements: the average alloy element content is less than 1.50%, grade only marked elements, generally does not indicate the content of alloy elements; the average content of 1.5%-2.49%, 2.50%-3.49%.....12.50%-13.49%,...., correspondingly marked 2, 3.....13.... Special use stainless steel, on behalf of the steel use in the head grade plus code. For example: 0Cr18Ni9, Y1Cr17 (Yi Qiegang).

2Cr13 stainless steel quenching condition of high hardness, good corrosion resistance. Many used as the tool, is "cutting class" martensitic steel, also used in surgical operation tool, similar Brinell high chrome the earliest stainless steel, there is also useful for steam turbine blades, the scope is very broad.

2Cr13 density for 7.75g/cm3

2Cr13: General 2Cr13 quenching hardness quenching temperature at 980 to 1050 DEG C, 980 C heating oil quenching hardness were lower than 1050 DEG C heating oil quenching, 980 DEG C after oil quenching hardness of 45 ~ 50HRC, 1050 DEG C after oil quenching hardness to high 2HRC. But the grain gets 1050 DEG C after quenching is coarse, brittleness. Recommend the use of 1000 C heating quenching hardness can be obtained and good organization.

The ultimate tensile strength B (MPa): quenching and tempering, aged 635

The yield strength of sigma 0.2 (MPa): quenching and tempering, aged 440

Elongation of 5 (%): quenching and tempering, aged 20

Section shrinkage psi (%): quenching and tempering, aged 50

Impact energy Aku2 (J): quenching and tempering, aged 63

Hardness: annealing, quenching and tempering, less than or equal to 223HB less than or equal to 192HB;

- heat treatment specification and microstructure:

Heat treatment specifications: 1) annealing, 800 ~ 900 DEG C to about 750 DEG C fast slow cooling or cold quenching; 2), 920 to 980 DEG C oil

Cold; 3) temper, 600 ~ 750 DEG C fast cooling.

Microstructure characteristics: Organization for martensite.

- the delivery status: general to heat treatment delivery, the heat treatment indicate the species in the contract; not stated, according to heat treatment delivery.

  • Add: Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China/f, Bao Jie Industrial Park North Gate 2081-1
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