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  • Product name:4Cr13
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  • Release time:2014-10-28
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Product details



The characteristics of 4Cr13 after quenching hardness higher than 3Cr13, good corrosion resistance.


As cutting tools, nozzle, valve seat. A corrosion resistant to nitric acid and organic acid strong 4Cr13 characteristics. Use as high hardness and high wear resistance of hot oil pump, valve plate, valve bearing, medical equipment, spring and parts

Mechanical properties

Hardness: annealing,, is less than or equal to 201HB, the indentation diameter of 3.9 ~ 4.3mm; quenching, greater than or equal to 50HV

- heat treatment specification and microstructure:

Heat treatment specifications: 1) annealing, 800 ~ 900 DEG C to about 750 DEG C fast slow cooling or cold quenching; 2), 1050 to 1100 DEG C oil cooling

3); tempering, 200 ~ 300 DEG C fast cooling.

Microstructure characteristics: Organization for martensite.

Heat treatment process of editing delivery state

Steel in annealing state of delivery. Forging: oil quenching for some crack sensitivity steel mold, forging heating is rapid heating, the best a preheating in 650-750 degrees, forging heating temperature is 1130-1150 degrees, the final forging temperature should be higher than 800-850 degrees, take the upper limit temperature of ingot forging. Take the minimum temperature of billet forging

The general annealing by 780-800 degrees, preserved for 4-6 hours, with less than 50 degrees / hour, cooled to 550 degrees followed by air cooling, isothermal annealing by 700-800 degrees heat 2-4 hours, and then the 670-720 degree of insulation, keep 2-4 hours, with less than 50 degrees / hour cooling to 500 degrees out of air cooling, the annealing hardness for 241-197HB

Heat treatment:

The steel good oxidation resistance, long-term use in 600~650 C.

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