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Four-quarter GDP or below 7.2%

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Said the people's Bank of Chinese monetary policy committee member Song Guoqing over the weekend, affected by weak domestic demand, Chinese fourth quarter GDP growth will decline to 7.2% in 2015, the economy is expected to grow at 7.3%.

Song Guoqing's point of view and the state information center, the economic forecast department director Fan Jianping recently expressed similar, the latter said the next 6 months the economy is still downward pressure, the fourth quarter GDP growth rebounded possibility is not big, expect the year-on-year growth rate of around 7.3% in the next year, and the growth rate of only 7%, unless the central government introduced ultra expected economic stimulus measures.

Fan Jianping said, exports and real estate development is the two big "engine" Chinese economy, which both have resulted in a drop in Chinese slowdown. Song Guoqing believes that in September export warmer but still not enough to offset the decline in influence brought by the four quarter of the domestic demand.

Investigation and Fan Jianping Bloomberg predicted results agree. Bloomberg survey of 51 economists showed, because of China government has said will tolerate low growth, economic growth in the future Chinese or fell in 1990 to its lowest value. Economists forecast this year's economic growth rate of 7.3%.

"Does not exclude the next year a single quarter growth below 7%," Fan Jianping said, his prediction of the state information center based on the use of industrial production data obtained, key indicators as economic growth.
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