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Stainless steel scrap dealers market outlook is expected to

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LME nickel stocks soared, inadequate supply of excess demand, low nickel induced Lun to hit an 8 month, domestic steel timber and scrap market next, the price falls again. The recent Foshan area waste recycling market large and medium-sized traders are slowing receiving operation, is generally reduced inventory holding volume, most of the market worried about, coupled with the lack of steel procurement needs support, the overall transaction market offers. After understanding, most of the current domestic steel is mainly to production orders, but recently due to the relationship between the nickel price fell, stainless steel product prices continue to fall, the market downturn to finished many steel mills of the sharp decline in orders, so steel mills for raw material purchasing enthusiasm receded, in order to suppress the price of scrap. The trend for the market outlook, a lot of stainless steel scrap dealers expected short-term scrap market trend of weakening the inevitable. The basis is: on the one hand, as the demand for steel fell, general waste shipments blocked operators, strengthen the risk consciousness and began to decrease to goods, in a certain extent in the market trading atmosphere. In one aspect, the peripheral nickel price trend is still weak, there are still likely to continue to explore the current year low, whether it is steel or intermediate traders are of stainless steel scrap purchasing particularly cautious, the market a few transactions have reflected the market weakness.
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