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applying the rule of thinking and Law means to push forward

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The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President, chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central comprehensive reform of group leader Xi Jinping October 27th morning hosted the central comprehensive reform leading group of the sixth meeting and delivered an important speech. He emphasizes, the party's eighteen sessions of fourth plenary session adopted comprehensively promote the rule of law decision, with eighteen party 3 in plenary meeting and deepen the reform of comprehensive decision formed a companion. Deepening the reform requires the rule of law protection, comprehensively promote the rule of law also need to deepen the reform. Studying and carrying out the spirit of the party's eighteen sessions of fourth plenary session is the current and future a period of major political task of the whole party country, various localities and departments must step up efforts, and effectively improve the ability and level of the rule of law and the rule of law by way of thinking of reform.

The CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, deputy head of the central leading group for the reform of deepening Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan attended the meeting.

The meeting considered the "on the strengthening of the construction of socialist democratic consultation opinions", "on the China (Shanghai Free Trade Zone) test work progress and replicable pilot reform to promote the views," experience "on the strengthening of Chinese feature of the new think tank construction opinions", examined and passed the "on the major national scientific infrastructure and large scientific instruments open to the public opinion", the suggestion according to the discussion of the meeting to further revise and improve the implementation after approval procedures.

Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, the socialist deliberative democracy in China, active, root vitality, is a great creation of Chinese Communists and Chinese people, is a particular form of China and unique advantage of the socialist democratic politics, is an important embodiment of the party's mass line in the field of politics. On the basic nature, we should have a deep understanding, to build consensus, better promote the construction of the system. We insist on something more than talk, failing to consult more, do more than talk, talk more thorough the better, is to discuss the way, through a consensus, a feeling, a unity. Strengthen the construction of socialist deliberative democracy is the goal of system construction, the link of deliberative democracy reasonable procedures complete, inject new vitality into China's socialist democratic politics. To strengthen consultation and democratic construction, must adhere to the leadership of the party, be in power, the people of the state affairs according to law, not to move or retreat to walk China socialist political development road, organized, focused, and actively and steadily push forward the hierarchical negotiation.

Xi Jinping stressed that since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the test, the Party Central Committee, under the leadership of the State Council, the relevant departments of the central government and Shanghai municipal government efforts, take the system innovation as the core, to form can be replicated and extended experience as the requirements in the decentralization, discharge pipe combination, speeding up the transformation of government functions, system and mechanism innovation and promote trade and investment facilitation and create a market, the internationalization of the rule of law business environment, has carried on the positive exploration and bold attempt, made a series of new results, as in the national scope deepening reform and expanding opening up to explore new ways and new experience. Put forward eighteen party 3 in plenary meeting, be based on advancing existing pilot, choose several local conditions the development of Free Trade Area Garden (Hong Kong). Shanghai free trade zone have test experience, we test produce seeds in this test field, to diffusion, planting these seeds in a wider range of bear fruit soon, obtained from the test can be replicated and extended experience, can be extended in other regions will be as soon as possible to promote, in the national promotion to be extended to the whole country.

Xi Jinping pointed out that, on the whole, now some local governments and departments, the science and technology resources allocation scattered, closed, repeat construction issue more prominent, many research facilities and instruments and repeated construction and purchase, idle waste serious, professional service ability is not high. From the sound of national innovation system, improve the innovation ability of the whole society, through the deepening of reform and institutional innovation, the public finance investment in the formation of the national major scientific infrastructure and large scientific instruments and is open to the public, making them better for the science and technology innovation service, serving the society. To promote the reform to refine the public relating to the implementation of operational measures, strengthen coordination, some exploratory strong problem can be the first pilot.

Xi Jinping stressed, intellectual resources is a country, a nation's most valuable resource. We are administering the country, must concentrate all aspects of wisdom, condensed the most widely power. The reform and development of the more difficult the task is arduous, the more need a strong intellectual support. In recent years, our country think-tank develops very quickly, in thought, universities, has made great achievements, and has made important contributions to promoting the reform and opening up and modernization construction. At the same time, with the development of the situation, think tank construction lag, does not adapt the issue has become increasingly prominent, especially the lack of high quality think-tank more influence and international reputation. From promoting scientific and democratic decision-making, promote the national governance system and management ability of modernization, enhance the strategic height of national soft power with Chinese characteristics, the new think tank construction as an important and urgent task. To uphold the party's leadership, grasp the correct guidance, fully embody the Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese style; adhere to the scientific spirit, encouraging bold exploration; adhere to focus on the overall situation, service center; persist in reform and innovation, standardize the development of. To promote the overall development of the party and government departments, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Party School Administration College, college, military, science and technology and the enterprise and the society coordinated development think tank, formed the Chinese characteristic new intelligence system positioning clear and distinct features, moderate scale, layout reasonable, a number of key construction has a great influence and international influence of high-end think-tank, pay attention to professional think tank construction.

Xi Jinping pointed out, scientific legislation is an important link of processing reform and law relations. In order to realize the legislation and reform decision are connected, do a major reform of the observed according to law, legislative initiative to adapt to the reform and development. In the reform programme of research and reform measures, to consider legislation reform involves synchronization problems, timely put forward the legislative demands and suggestions. Practice has proved effective, want to rise for the law. The practical conditions are not ripe, need to pilot, to make the authorization in accordance with statutory procedures. To not adapt to the laws and regulations reform requirements, timely amendment and repeal. To strengthen the legal interpretation work, timely clear legal provisions the meaning and legal basis. To put forward the party's eighteen session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 180 number of rule of law reform measures has important significance in general ledger, into the task of reform, development, deployment, implementation of integrated development of supervision.
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