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Iron and steel industry: steel prices still bear the long

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Steel: steel futures prices of coke coke enterprises appeal dismissed rising fatigue

British Futures: weak overall environmental steel city, or continue the pattern of shocks

The overall weaker environmental steel city, or a continuation of the pattern of shocks, concern the persistence of the rebound, selects machine the new admission; at the bottom of the form is not formed, do not blindly hunters; days suggest rebound short, fast.

The spot: at present, the North China market fell Chonggao, East China demand preference, a support; Tangshan billet 2430 (-20); iron ore, coke steady steady weak; screw steel 20mmHRB400 Shanghai 2900 (0), Beijing 2680 (0); the Ministry of environmental protection to start the winter air pollution control inspection work, during the APEC meeting, Beijing and the surrounding provinces and cities will be taken to limit the emissions of pollutants or limited production and other measures affecting the production capacity, Shandong introduced energy-saving emission reduction development programmes, short-term support the market, the long term there is still room for adjustment.

The founder of medium-term: ore or pressure test the shock to prevent financial pressure

Short term or pressure test the shock, pay attention to 530 near the incremental funds flow, prevent capital turnover; band operation on iron ore for 1505 to 30% empty, if the effective stand 530 positions, 540 near the pressure recovery back to fill the empty single vulnerable. The details of operation problem, can consult a medium-term strategy 136-7209-7663 of iron and steel industry.

Sinosteel Futures: both sides of the market power of weak equilibrium steel price consolidation pattern

Black related breeds yesterday trend of differentiation, the opposite of last Friday situation, product performance is stronger than the raw materials. The current market pupil factors bias weak equilibrium, short black overall performance still weak, but still does not have to fall fast kinetic energy, showing the pattern of weak finishing. Operation, too short, can not now wait-and-see condition, hold the space of a single person position to light. Today is expected to thread 1505 contract shakes, the target 2535-2570; hot rolled 1501 contract shakes, the target 2850-2880.

Sinosteel Futures: iron ore price shock down period

The APEC Conference on limiting the production of steel, to stimulate the real estate policy and so on, the spot market price of strong performance, Platts index is around $80 wandering. But after the speculation, will be faced with the "golden nine silver ten" rule, limiting the production of steel to reduce the procurement of raw materials, the weather turns cool terminal demand reduction factors such as bad, so the period of price will continue to drop the main. The futures market yesterday, iron ore main shrinking Zengcang downward, the current price in the finishing concussion interval, but the 530 line above the pressure line of dense, displayed above the pressure significantly, while the contract lasted about remote strong weak pattern, expected period of price shocks down the possibility of a larger. Operation, the existing single space can continue to hold, not Jiancang can concern pressure shorting opportunities. Today is expected to I1505 contract fell 523, target.

Huatai the Great Wall: steel futures at the bottom of the range does not change the pattern of

Hot: 27 spot market overall weak, Tianjin Shanghai and Guangdong area hot spot fell 10-20 yuan / ton. Surrounding plates also fell primarily, the Shanghai area, in the overall decline in cold rolled plate. The futures market, down black industry chain varieties generally weak, at the bottom of the range does not change the pattern of. On the surface, the subsequent lack of price rebound, with average system entanglement, pay close attention to 2850 above the 2950 line support and resistance.

To sum up, in the digestion of short good recently, the futures price premium obtained after correction, steel prices is still expected to return to the disadvantaged. Bear long, in the adjustment of industrial structure, the "bottom" is always relative.
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