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The railway infrastructure investment to accelerate or boost

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Last week in the time steel and under the billet strong trend impetus, the steel city had the rising trend which had not seen you for a long time, but the prosperity was not long, appeared along with the stock and raw material recedes, the steel price also hastened along with it weakly.The steel city rises the circumstances make it difficult to continue.Investigates its reason because the demand is unstable, the steel price upward power is insufficient.But joyful is, since the near future, will have kept pouring in the advantage well besides the real estate market, the railroad capital construction will raise the investment upsurge, at present the time already arrives at the end of October, in order to achieve the predetermined target, later period will will certainly to increase the construction dynamics, this will be effective draws the steel products demand, or will arouse the steel city new one turn the return to warmer weather.
State statistical bureau announced on the other day the third quarter GDP speed-up further postponed to five years half low point, reached 7.3%, took the fuel economic growth important engine, the investment in the fixed assets appeared the large drop, the statistics demonstrated, 1- in September, the nation investment in the fixed assets with grows this year compared to the name was only 16.1%, the speed-up compared the first 8 months to recede 0.4 percentage point, set the record of the near for 13 year perigees.Postpones in the economical speed-up under the background, fourth quarter steady growth dynamics gradually will strengthen.But the initial cost is without doubt draws the economical the best sharp weapon.
Recently the national Development and Planning Commission official outgoing message gave a written reply to a subordinate to agree 11 big capital construction projects, the total investment amounted to 245,800,000,000 Yuan.Development and Planning Commission will concentrate in the near future gives a written reply to a subordinate many railroad initial cost project, will be precisely to the market release stable anticipated signal.Although this year railroad investment goal has surrendered to the state to 800,000,000,000 Yuan, but considered at present economic situation, future also will have the possibility further to surrender to the state.Moreover calculated according to this year nation railroad construction goal that, before this year in August has completed 313,290,000,000 Yuan railroad investment in the fixed assets, this will mean this year final 4 month estimate will complete the near 500,000,000,000 Yuan railroad investment in the fixed assets.Later period hopefully welcomes the railroad capital construction the blowout tide.
The railroad and the capital construction took is only inferior to the real estate with the steel wealthy and powerful family, its investment increases, the construction speeds up well to the steel city advantage self-evident.But before this always worried the fund question also hopefully obtains the properly solution, above important project besides central committee and place fiscal subsidy, but also pays great attention to the attraction social capital the participation.In under the short-term economical bearing pressure background, the monetary policy and financial policy stimulation dynamics also has the strengthening, concentrates in particular in the direction detection loosely, the mid-west infrastructure construction, city public utility construction, real estate policy aspects and so on return.The pressure constructs which facing the fourth quarter railroad, the State Council outgoing message implementation railroad will use and the station yard adjoining region land comprehensive development use, the hard main corporation obtains the key the land increment income to stimulate the existing property, further impels the railroad construction.
Facing the economical downward pressure, the country increases the initial cost dynamics unceasingly, the railroad initial cost becomes the drawing investment demand without doubt, the stable economy grows important weapon.But unceasingly will promote along with the railroad capital construction profession scenery bearing, the related industrial chain will also benefit greatly, will be in particular obvious in the steel and iron profession performance.No matter because is the railroad construction or the bridge, the airport construction, in addition matches the set of infrastructure construction, needed the steel products to cover all steel products variety nearly, regarding drew in the steel products to need, consumes the steel products stock to have the very big advantage good function.The analysis believed that, in the year the railroad initial cost centralism to one's limit, regarding the supply and demand contradictory incisive steel products market, may promote the market demand powerfully, enlarges the steel city return to warmer weather probability. 
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