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Steel seasonal off-season coming supply pressure steel city

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Following the rapid increase National Day after manufacturers factors steel social inventory, to stock market speed again; in the double impact of the recent good news stimulation and downstream of major projects rush deadlines under the last week, domestic steel city, return to the spot spot inventory 12000000 tons below the horizontal line is low, the lowest since 2012. Show the current market to ship, terminal demand is still running smoothly.

Clinch a deal the all-round improvement of construction steel, lead

A comprehensive inventory go more than in the market, the construction steel market transactions are "clueless", is far stronger than the plate. Focus on the city line screw down of inventories totaled 575600 tons, accounting for about 82.4% of the total inventory, the plate market to inventory has slightly increased, but in addition to the hot rolled steel plate, cold outside, so relatively gentle.

Cut the + terminal exploration follow-up, fast to the inventory difficult to keep

The recent market conditions improved significantly, analysts say what good did not get excited over a little thing, although day terminal to be good and steel prices continued to rebound stimulation, purchasing enhanced obviously; however line screw stock rapid decline also with previously steelworks maintenance line screw rolling line of. With the festival steel mills have the inspection and repair line around the key specifications, market shortage phenomenon more obvious, so that the postganglionic steel arrival resources were quickly sold out, but this kind of situation can not be sustained. Terminal while on short term steel price pull up approval is higher, but this is based on the major environmental protection conference stage under pressure limiting and stage of recent just need to focus on low-cost replenishment. In fact, steel demand fundamentals and no obvious improvement, for late still mainly to put.

The time has come to the late October, the northern area of cooling significantly, the northeast after the National Day has started to snow, steel demand in north area of seasonal off-season will further aggravate the basic needs of surface pressure, the majority of the north steel has begun to make the steel hard to plan. As in November after entering the north of the outdoor projects in succession shutdown, and winter international steel market will also enter the off-season, there may be exported highs; and steel production stage are mainly embodied in metal rolling line, the blast furnace is still running high, so the need for strong late weak pattern will further strengthen.

In general, steel demand fundamentals are still weak overall demand pressure, seasonal off-season will bring more and more obvious; while the crude steel production bujianfanzeng shows steelworks no substantial production late; for strong need to weak pattern to expand and not because of major conferences and improve. But with the steel prices hit a new low for many years, and the pressure of the economic downturn on next year's steady growth expectations can, therefore, winter winter market this year "resurgence" of the existence of the possibility of a larger, the key lies in the funds within the industry can improve. In the short term, to inventory will continue, but will return to normal, in this process, steel prices in the battle game below the strong finishing viewpoint invariant. The price of steel net

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