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Chinese steel demand slowing manufacturers moved American

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According to Australia's "Sydney Morning Herald" website reported on October 27th, BlueScope Steel Group (Bluescope Steel) CEO Paul O'Malley (PaulO'Malley) said, because China steel demand high growth era of the past, manufacturers are from China moved back to American.

BlueScope steel is one of the largest manufacturers of australia. The steel giant operating in 17 countries, with more than 16000 employees, of which about 2500 people in the China. It is the world's largest market for Industry and commerce to provide solutions for engineering construction supplier.

"According to our field study, due to a large demand for steel construction industry, China domestic confidence is decreased significantly," said OMalley, "as a global trend in the past, we see in Chinese construction clients are now America construction. They are back to the development of better, lower energy costs, the opportunity to better market."

He was so comments because of mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (Rio Tinto) is to get used to the extra hundreds of millions of tons of steel-making iron ore market investment China construction industry.

OMalley thinks Chinese is undergoing a process of stabilization, said the past Chinese encourage steel managers gradually increase production and employment, but now the country's efforts to reduce pollution, improve profitability.

Although China development stalled, America but is expected to continue to go strong. OMalley said, cheap energy, allowing rapid hiring and firing flexible labor rules, the national level significantly improve budget situation is pushing the world's largest economy growth. Bosq all in America business are improving, OMalley is also seeking to expand its joint venture in USA Ohio North Star Enterprises (North Starjointventure) method.
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