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The domestic steel market: steel prices fell a week

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Steel price of cabbage is still no one to buy

Asked to steel Is it right? Cabbage price, Xiao nodded. "2200 pieces of one ton, count down a pound is a piece of money, with the price of cabbage to describe nothing." Xiao said, the steel market is not good this year, business is very pale. Steel price does not matter, but also no one to buy cheap, it makes people worry.

In Xiao shop, beiqingbao reporter saw, wire, sheet, profiles of each big production of iron and steel enterprises have. Xiao said, the main customers are the construction side. From the beginning of last year, steel prices will continue to fall, has now fallen to the price of cabbage. Xiao think cheap, steel is mainly two reasons, one is the excess production capacity, two is the demand not flourishing, and demand reflected particularly obvious in the shop. The last two years, Beijing construction engineering a lot less, directly affect the steel market business. Now every shop customers the most desolate, a day is four or five, of which there are talks fail, the less time every day for a customer without.

Steel business the most fire is around 2008

Xiao introduced, steel business is doing the best time is around 2008, "at that time the preparations for the Olympic Games, the Beijing construction engineering are everywhere, the customer is Everfount. Open the door seven or eight o'clock every morning, there are customers."

But now, the store expanded, the benefit is not good. The phone rang the door almost no customers, almost No. Although no what business, office clerk also had to sit at 6 p.m.. Whenever there is a customer came in, the salesman doing all the enthusiasm to entertain clients, but the price are stuck fast, did not increase the space, have a bit higher, customers turn away.

Xiao also revealed that, although the spot dealers to price is lower, more attractive to customers, but also such a store than did not spot the shop need more manpower, material resources, spending more. So now the whole market with or without spot, can make money dealers rarely, in barely a part, there are already a part of loss lost a long time. "Our boss in recent two years are at a loss, some said the boss earned one hundred thousand dollars a year will be satisfied, at least part-time strong. You see, a business now and work than doing this business, and what."

And when it comes to like Xiao ordinary salesman income, Xiao said, a monthly salary is three thousand dollars. "Sometimes I really no one, we'll go home. We are thinking of a career change boss recently, think or do catering liquor."

Beiqingbao reporter notes, the entire market and most is Hebei Cangzhou people. Because of the Cangzhou Mengcun and Yanshan two counties have a pipe base, people engaged in steel business beyond count, from door to door is not a big yard is small yard, no capital to build factory went out to do the salesman. The 2008 years for the people of Cangzhou's golden age, they laid a piece of the sky in Beijing, the money did not earn less. But in this year, we always hear home where where the factory and closed down, while in Beijing the salesman because not to earn money are back home, or to do his business. (business information network)

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