This company is fair import sales, the wholesale and the machining( and so on mold steel products) and hard alloy sharp Xin tungsten steel, tungsten steel cutting tool serves a body Taiwan capital enterprise.

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  • Said the peoples Bank of Chinese monetary policy committee member Song Guoqing over the weekend, affected by weak domestic demand, Chinese fourth quarter GDP growth will decline to 7.2% in 2015, the economy is expected to grow at 7.3%. Song
  • A China India friendly communication stream is set off, especially in promoting bilateral cooperation in trade and investment, China India business relationship will be more closely. The next 15 years, India infrastructure construction will
  • Experience loans overdue rumors storm, China Steel Group is planning to start the business integration and institutional reform. Steel dongmi Li Kejie in an China Securities newspaper interview with reporters, the company will sort out the e
  • LME nickel stocks soared, inadequate supply of excess demand, low nickel induced Lun to hit an 8 month, domestic steel timber and scrap market next, the price falls again. The recent Foshan area waste recycling market large and medium-sized
  • The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President, chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central comprehensive reform of group leader Xi Jinping October 27th morning hosted the central comprehensive reform leading grou
  • In the absence of massive stimulus and entity lack high return situation, the banks monetary loosening would be trapped in a liquidity trap, and the real estate purchase limit, limit the loan cancellation does not change the real estate dow
  • Steel: steel futures prices of coke coke enterprises appeal dismissed rising fatigue British Futures: weak overall environmental steel city, or continue the pattern of shocks The overall weaker environmental steel city, or a continuation of
  • Last week in the time steel and under the billet strong trend impetus, the steel city had the rising trend which had not seen you for a long time, but the prosperity was not long, appeared along with the stock and raw material recedes, the s
  • Following the rapid increase National Day after manufacturers factors steel social inventory, to stock market speed again; in the double impact of the recent good news stimulation and downstream of major projects rush deadlines under the la
  • According to Australias Sydney Morning Herald website reported on October 27th, BlueScope Steel Group (Bluescope Steel) CEO Paul OMalley (PaulOMalley) said, because China steel demand high growth era of the past, manufacturers are from China
  • Steel price of cabbage is still no one to buy Asked to steel Is it right? Cabbage price, Xiao nodded. 2200 pieces of one ton, count down a pound is a piece of money, with the price of cabbage to describe nothing. Xiao said, the steel market
  • Iron and steel business transactions against the market trend increased logistics export into a new competition points In the steel market price was lower in the background, the steel business platform turnover is the recent record high. And
  • 1, steel price rise is a week down inside! The domestic spot steel city long rally, the king did not last long, only a week of Kung Fu, general and callback. The iron ore market also, barely lift, pull down the decline, the ore price once a
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  • Add: Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China/f, Bao Jie Industrial Park North Gate 2081-1
  • Sharp Xin special steel limited franchise Japan Datong, and Sweden a WINS hundred mold steel, and Japan Hitachi mold steel, and Japan Fuji more high-speed steel, and United States furnaces Republika Bo steel, and groditz mold steel, and United States fen Coke mold steel, and tungsten steel wholesale (carbide) breathable steel wholesale, and no magnetic tungsten steel, and live friends tungsten steel, and super hard material, and, both at home and abroad over well-known brand steel production manufacturers established has long-term of cooperation relationship, products resources rich, varieties specifications complete, quality stable, price reasonable, are provides original "quality bond"
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